A countryside wedding in Shanghai

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on June 4, 2012

There were 2 reasons for my recent visit to China (in March), one was to visit Yuye’s sick grandpa in Beijing and the other was to attend my cousin’s wedding in Shanghai. My cousin and I are very close. When my parents came to Australia back in the 1980s, I was barely able to remember [...]


Sichuan (or Szechuan) cuisine has become a trendy and very popular type of food to have in Shanghai and probably all around China. This is especially so amongst young people as some of them are constantly trying to find an even chillier restaurant to challenge their taste bud limits. Sichuan is a province located on [...]


Yoshie Japanese Restaurant & Xiao Nan Guo Spa, Shanghai

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on March 2, 2011

Whenever I visit Shanghai, I always go out with my cousins. They’re all around my age and know all about where to go for good food and entertainment. On one of the nights during this visit, we ate at a restaurant called Ji Hui or Yoshie Japanese Restaurant (吉惠) which is a buffet Japanese restaurant. [...]


Shanghai & Chinese New Year, China

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on February 7, 2011

Shanghai is a city where east meets west, old meets new and where beautiful food is around every street corner. It is also my home town, where I was born, where I grew up and where I’m spending the 2011 Chinese New Year. It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post because [...]