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I miss you Sydney

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on November 2, 2013

In fact, it’s not just Sydney I miss, it’s all things travel related. It feels like forever since I last went on a holiday, even longer since I last went to Sydney (this was just more than a year ago now). I had wanted to post up these photos a long long time ago, at [...]



by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on August 25, 2013

Queenscliff is a small town on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria. With less than 2000 population and a great proportion of this tourists, it’s a quiet and beautiful place to spend a weekend away. I was quite lucky to have spent a long weekend here at a friend’s holiday house and we had plenty of [...]


I’m back from Tasmania

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on October 5, 2012

I’m finally back in Melbourne! Although I really love traveling, it can be everything but relaxing, which my recent around Australia trip is the epitome of. I took a total of 5 planes, drove across Tasmania nonstop for over 8 hours and climbed mountains so high I thought I was going to die. The views [...]


My 2 unforgettable days in Daylesford, Part 2

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on June 24, 2012

Following part 1 of my unforgettable 2 days at Regional Victoria’s spa town Daylesford and having dinner at the fabulous Farmers Arms, I was ready for another day of good food and good fun. Daylesford isn’t a big town by any means. If you’re looking for a lot to do then you’re probably wrong. But [...]


My two unforgettable days at Daylesford, Victoria – part 1

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on June 20, 2012

Although this post is about a wonderful trip I had recently to the beautiful Daylesford in Victoria, famous for their spas and fantastic restaurants, I would be lying if I said the entire experience was rosy. Yes, I just have a tiny little complaint I wanted to vent out before I start rambling about the [...]


  After strawberry picking at Sunny Ridge in Mornington, we decided to go cherry picking as well at a nearby place called Ripe ‘n’ Ready Cherry Farm. I was all ready for an afternoon of cherry stuffed bellies, climbing ladders and possibly fending off Asian tourists who are hogging all the good fruit. However, things [...]


Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm, Mornington – strawberry picking & scones!

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on December 17, 2011

This is the second Christmas I will be spending in Australia now, last year being the first (in quite some time) and I’m loving it. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been spending my Christmas’ in an Asian country (mostly Shanghai) where Christmas is not a holiday and really isn’t all that festive [...]


Captain Cook Cruises & high tea, Sydney

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on January 11, 2011

One afternoon during Yuye and I’s Sydney trip, we decided to take a boat cruise with Captain Cook Cruises around Sydney harbour. The package we purchased was $55 per person including the cruise and high tea. Sometimes Captain Cook Cruises holds special offers and I managed to get my tickets for $55 with a guaranteed [...]


Vivid Sydney 2010, Sydney

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on January 1, 2011

Happy New Year everyone! May 2011 bring prosperity and happiness to all my readers and a year full of good food, good stories and plenty of laughter. I suppose this post is festive enough to celebrate the occasion so enjoy! Vivid Sydney One of the main events we attended whilst in Sydney was the Vivid [...]


Radisson Plaza Hotel, Sydney

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on December 30, 2010

Radisson Plaza Hotel Continuing on from our trip to the Gold Coast, we next visited Sydney, which was also our last stop. I decided to indulge a little bit because…you know…it’s nice to. I booked a studio spa suite at the Radisson Plaza Hotel, which has a 5 star rating. It is located close to [...]