Radish, green tomato & chilli tuna salad

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on October 24, 2012

Doesn’t the colours and textures of a beautifully presented dish make you want to dig right in? I’ve been re-watching a lot of Iron Chef episodes lately while I write my posts and surf the internet which is a very bad habit (I’m doing it right now) because all the beautiful food makes me hungry [...]


Marinated salmon sashimi salad

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on July 31, 2012

Even though I said in an earlier post that I’m without doubt a meat over seafood kind of person, one type of seafood gets me every single time and that is sashimi (raw seafood slices). For some reason, I find raw seafood a lot nicer to eat (in fact I totally love it to bits) [...]


Beef & enoki mushroom rolls

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on July 21, 2012

Japanese is probably my favourite type of cuisine, although I eat and like pretty much everything since I’m such a glutton. There’s just so many dishes that I crave for all the time like the tonkatsu I mentioned in yesterday’s post, and the various sushi posts I’ve had in the past, even udons, sukiyaki, yakitori…the [...]


Garlic & butter mushroom crostinis

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on July 4, 2012

I always tell my friends that I should have been born a man. Not that I’m into girl action (although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it) but more like I act like one all the time, sometimes probably even more so than Yuye. I know, this is sounding a bit weird. Let me explain. I’m [...]


Baby (Dutch) carrots cooked 3 ways

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on July 1, 2012

I mentioned in previous posts and on my about page that I used to really dislike carrots. I’m not sure what it was but the more raw and hard the carrots were, the more I disliked them. “Carrots are good for your eyesight, you should eat them” my mum always told me. “If you don’t [...]