Stewed pork belly with udon

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on October 11, 2012

Even though it’s already mid Spring, sometimes it still feels like we haven’t yet left winter. The Melbourne weather is as unpredictable and unforgiving as ever and I felt the full force of it about a week ago in Tasmania where it rained like the world was about to end but we still had to [...]


Chorizo and mushroom pasta bake

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on September 11, 2012

I’ve been up in Sydney in the last few days, soaking up the beautiful sunshine and enjoying the views and water as well as all the events that were happening over the weekend. There was so much going on my head was spinning…and of course, we had so much food that I could hardly walk [...]


Tonjiru – Japanese pork miso soup

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on August 18, 2012

The flowers in bloom outside are tricking my mind into thinking the weather has turned warmer. As a result, I feel like I might be getting sick again since I’ve failed to bring a warm jacket on many occasions lately. My muscles are also aching like crazy from some heavy lifting work for our house [...]