Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy yoghurt relaunch event

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on October 15, 2013

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. Finally we’re getting a bit of well deserved sunshine! This beautiful weather makes me feel like I should be eating healthier and getting up earlier in the mornings. Something I haven’t done for quite some time. It came at a great time too as Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy [...]


Blueberry buttermilk pancakes with blueberry sauce

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on April 2, 2013

I hope you all had a great Easter because I did. We were finally able to take a day off together and in good time too as it was Yuye’s birthday last Thursday. Time really flies when you’re busy. It feels like just yesterday when Yuye and I started this liquor shop and it’s now [...]


Tomato & Basil Bruschetta & an update

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on February 2, 2013

It’s been a hectic few weeks with some very exciting and slightly scary happenings in my life. Yuye and I have purchased a business! A liquor retail business to be specific. So for those of you who like to drink, be jealous. Be very jealous.


Strawberry and lychee sorbet & guestposting at Go Bake Yourself

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on January 4, 2013

Hi my lovely readers! Happy 2013! I’m finally back in action. Sorry it’s taken me so long to recover but I’ve really been quite busy while I was in China, plus bad internet connections kept me away. Now I’m desperately trying to adjust to this Melbourne weather and trying not to get heatstroke…I just came [...]


Mango Sorbet & an update

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on December 6, 2012

I’m currently in China so I won’t be able to write all that much in the next few weeks, especially when I have no internet, however I will endeavour to write as much as I can. I seem to always be in China though, and always miss out on the best time of the year [...]


Green tea (matcha) ice cream

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on November 15, 2012

Apologies for the periods of silence lately, there’s just been so much on my mind and there has been a lot of new and exciting things happening in my life. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to regular blogging soon. The weather has been scorching hot lately. I love the sunshine and the good [...]


Chicken, tomato & snow pea sprout pasta

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on November 2, 2012

It was always a wonder to me that different shaped pasta can have such distinct taste (or rather texture which affects the taste and overall experience) even though they were all originally made of the same ingredients. It’s like noodles in China, there’s thin and thick and round and flat but there’s no where near [...]


Kiwi and honey sorbet

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on October 30, 2012

Before this week, I’ve only used my ice cream maker at most 3-4 times and I’ve had this ice cream maker for many years now. I’m not sure what the sudden change is but I’ve managed to make 3 ice creams in the past 4 days. That’s almost 1 litre of ice cream a day! [...]


Crepes with blood orange sauce

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on October 27, 2012

I’m sure like many of you, I am addicted to reading food magazines. I just can’t go past those delicious and beautifully styled photography and trust worthy recipes that also give me insight into seasonal ingredients and provide endless inspiration for new dishes to make.


Chicken & avocado sandwich with snow pea sprouts & semi-dried tomatoes

by Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake on October 26, 2012

The warmer weather has had me craving for healthier and cold foods such as salads and sandwiches. Having very rich comfort food at the moment makes me more lethargic and full even though they’re still very tasty. Although I like pork the best, I also love my chicken (I really like all meats…haha), however I [...]