Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake

If you travel to Asia often you might already be familiar with the famous Korean chain Milkcow. They have in excess of 60 stores around the world (mostly in Asia) and now it has finally arrived on our doorsteps! With a chic and vibrant decor, a focus on premium organic produce and delicious soft serves Read More

To be honest, I've never been a big fan of fusion. Most of the 'fusion' restaurants I've been to either felt like mistaken identities where the concept was lost or the flavours didn't even go well together. However, the concept of Asian flavoured burgers had me intrigued. 'If executed well, this can be a winner.' Read More

At the beginning of February I was fortunate to be have been invited to the 2016 Australian Grand Dairy Awards to taste some amazing Australian dairy products. I quickly jumped at this opportunity since who in their right mind can say no to an evening full of cheese? Now in its 17th year, this award Read More

I can't believe just how fast time has gone by. It's been one month since I last posted and it's only 3 months left until our wedding! Ahh! In the beginning I really only wanted a simple, no fuss reception but as planning started to unfold, it became more and more complicated. The budget has Read More

When I ask Yuye what he wants to eat for lunch or dinner, more than half the time he replies 'food trucks'. He doesn't specify what type, whether it's burgers, tacos or some other type, I think it's just the idea of eating freshly made food from a moving location that's so appealing to him Read More

There's one smell that I absolutely cannot resist and that's freshly toasted nuts. That aromatic earthy smell gets me salivating and I just want to eat whole mouthfuls of whatever nut it is. That's why I love buying raw nuts, so that I can toast the nuts myself. Most people have obviously heard of peanut Read More