Three Monkeys Place, Doncaster East

I always complained that there was no good restaurants near our house. Most restaurants were closed after 9pm, there wasn’t many decent cups of coffee around either nor a good breakfast/brunch dish to pair with it. I used to always grab coffees from the old Mandarin Tree in Jackson Court, Doncaster East but the food was more Asian inspired than breakfast and I was too busy to get around to visiting for a meal anyway. Then finally one day (after being a coffee patron for about 2 years) I decide to dine there.

When I arrived, Mandarin Tree had already turned into Three Monkeys Place. After a bit of dumbfounded stares at the change, I went inside only to find the old owner still standing behind the counter. I then found out that she has done a complete makeover of the place including the decor, the menu and even the chef is different. The only thing that remained the same was the coffee beans which is from the Maling Room.

I’m totally loving the new colour scheme with one of my favourite colours – baby blue. The decor is now quite chic and comfortable. The customers can still enjoy the afternoon sun out in the back which used to be a beer garden. Now it caters to brunch doers wanting a bit of outdoor feel while they catch up with their friends and family.

The coffee was still the same old strong, aromatic blend and will satisfy a caffeine craving.

The menu, being very different now, has fancy sounding breakfast and brunch items such as the Salmon Rosti ($18) with smoked salmon, poached egg, cream cheese and water cress, served on polenta potato rosti with strawberry dressing which I ordered.

The colours of this dish was just stunning. It was a hot day so it seemed like a fitting dish with the weather. The strawberry sauce was quite interesting and tasted great, although people who don’t like too much sweetness on their plate might find this a tad too sweet.

The poached egg was done very well with a perfectly running yolk. I did find the rosti to be a bit heavy and oily so made the whole dish not as light and healthy as it first sounded.

Yuye ordered the porky pig ($16). It came with twice cooked caramelised pork belly glazed with tamarind sauce, pickles, fried egg & Asian slaw served on homemade roti. The pork was totally melt in my mouth and decadent so we both enjoyed it. Again the roti was a bit oily and heavy but overall this was not a bad dish.

It was again very vibrant in colour and loved dining with it outside. If my smoked salmon dish wasn’t sweet, I think the porky pig would have been just right in terms of sweetness.

Overall we did enjoy our meal, and I really look forward to seeing the menu tweaked and seeing what other cool dishes they can come up with. At the very least, they’ve already got the decor, the coffee and the plating all perfected.

Three Monkeys Place

Phone: (03) 9840 7757
Address: 2 Jackson Crt Doncaster East, VIC 3109
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 8:00am-4:00pm

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