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The first time I dined at Industry Beans was over a year ago. For one reason or another, I never wrote a post about the meal. Thankfully, Yuye wasn’t present at the first visit so we had the chance to go there again recently. Like I first remembered, it was a great meal full of delicious food and fantastic coffee.

Like many cafes these days, the menu at Industry Beans is seasonal. Currently it’s the Autumn menu, but should be changing to a Winter menu soon I believe. Some of the dishes here are Asian influenced. Usually I don’t like to order Asian influenced ‘fusion’ type dishes because I’m always a little skeptical about the authenticity and taste of the dish but thankfully we didn’t have an issue here.

Like always, I ordered a coffee. Coffee beans here are roasted onsite at the back of the shop. If you walk around, you will find empty and full hessian bags on top of pallets and a big roasting machine.

I ordered a Fitzroy Street blend that has sweet citrus, plum and chocolate notes and is made up of 40% Wahana Estate in Indonesia, 40% Cauca in Colombia and 20% Finca Polonia in El Salvador. It was beautifully smooth and rich with a strong lingering cocoa aftertaste.

Yuye didn’t want to order a coffee that day so a tea was his choice. This green lemon myrtle tea ($4) was light and citrus based, a great combination with the food he ordered. It came in a beaker, making it look more like a science experiment than a drink. But then it seems to be very in fashion to serve it like this these days.

The dish that Yuye ordered was the tamarind blue swimmer crab ($22) with crispy prawn, green apple, lychees and Thai herb omelette. As the name suggests, this dish had a Thai twist. It was a tangy and refreshing dish with a touch of chilli and sweetness as well.

The textures were great with the crispy prawn balls and crunchy apple, and the dish was brought together by the creamy and umami blue swimmer crab filled omelette. Not sure I’d have picked this dish as an Autumn dish though, seemed quite fitting for Summer too!

I was originally going to order a proper meal but somehow I couldn’t go past the Industry Charcuterie ($24). It’s a sharing plate but after being told I can eat it as a one person meal, I was instantly sold. Although most elements on the dish were cold, I loved the combination of flavours, textures and wonderful ingredients that was used. It included duck bacon, wagyu bresaola, tea marbled egg, salt cured yolk, fennel remoulade, manchego croquette, pear and saffron relish and Pedro Ximenez prunes.

The manchego croquette was the only warm element and I totally loved it. It was creamy and umami, a person combination with the sweet relish and prunes. My favourite part of the dish was the wagyu bresaola. It was both beautiful to gawk at and to eat. The slight saltiness of the perfectly aged wagyu was just to-die-for. The remoulade was crisp and refreshing which complimented the rest of the dish very well. I seriously chowed down the dish while Yuye pretended he didn’t want any. I did share some with him though but I kept most of the wagyu to myself. 😉 The salt cured yolk (under the tea marbled egg white) was very salty, so I suggest smearing a bit of it on the bread along with some of the relish or prunes.

I really wanted to order their coffee dessert (called coffee garden for $14) but we were quite full by them so decided not to. This is a photo of the coffee dessert we ordered over a year ago. obviously it looks quite different to the dessert now but the idea is the same. They do a great job entertaining and providing a serious few shots of caffeine to go with it. Little spheres of coffee caviar and gel will pop in your mouth and I remember myself giggling like a little child when the bitter liquid popped and flowed into my mouth. It was a bitter sweet finish to our meal. Shame I didn’t get a chance at seeing the new version this time, but next time, I will order it for sure.

Here’s also a few photos of the other dishes we had. One thing definitely hasn’t changed and that’s the vibrancy of the dishes.

Industry Beans is serious about their coffees and food. This reflects in their perfect roast and brew as well as the delicious dishes that we ordered. There are power points along the wall and if Yuye wasn’t with me, I could have sipped coffees all day while I blogged, taking in all the industrial decor (wonder how many pallets they used to build the place?) and everything else spectacular that this place has to offer. We went on a Wednesday and was surprised we got a park out the front with no issues, being in the middle of Fitzroy, this rarely happens. Perhaps it was because we went reasonably late.

Industry Beans

Phone: (03) 9417 1034
Address: Unit 3 Cnr Fitzroy & Rose St Fitzroy, VIC 3065
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 7:00am-4:00pm, Saturday to Sunday 8:00am-4:00pm

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