Pillar of Salt, Richmond

I was very excited when Yuye and I finally bought our house but little did I consider just how much work (and money) was involved in furnishing the new place. It was especially so when there were clashing views on what we should get. So one day I decided to go out and shop on my own. Makes life a little bit easier without the constant complaining in the background you know? 😉

Even shopping on my own was hard work and I desperately needed a caffeine shot to wake up. I was so thankful when I walked past Pillar of Salt amidst all the furniture shops on Church St that I decided it was fate to come back with Yuye.

I can put up with a little bit of complaining if I get good food and coffee.

The shop has a slightly industrial feel with red exposed bricks and a mix of wooden and metallic furnishings. I loved the cute idea of turning colanders into lampshades.

It was a Sunday so naturally it was packed to the brim. The only seat left was 2 spots on the communal table which was quite dark, but I did get to gawk at other people’s food when I was deciding mine.

The coffee here is by Five Senses which was robust and well balanced with a hint of cocoa. Isn’t it just the most gorgeous coffee art? I bought a coffee machine a number of months ago and still trying to get that art right, it just isn’t working…

I ordered the quinoa, corn and cheddar fritters with citrus house smoked salmon, saffron labne, spiced beet relish and watercress salad with a poached egg ($19). I love my fritters especially when they’re made with great ingredients and is crunchy on the outside. With their name one might think their food would all be on the salty side but the flavours are well balanced here, thank goodness.

Can’t forget that perfectly cooked egg with some egg porn. 😉

Yuye ordered the The Benedict – with poached eggs, braised and shredded Cape Otway ham hock, smashed peas, apple cider hollandaise on toast ($17.50). It might not look big but boy was it filling. That was quite a large piece of bread with what would be a whole week’s worth of recommended eggs on top (since hollandaise is essentially just egg yolks). We both loved the dish though. It was creamy, it was well balanced with the greens cutting through the richness of the hollandaise.

And here’s egg porn take two. 😉

Although we’ve now happily settled into our house with all the furniture bought (phew) I would still gladly come back here for a quick coffee and perhaps some of those eggs…Just maybe only eggs on one dish next time.

Pillar of Salt

Phone: (03) 9421 1550
Address: 541 Church St Richmond, VIC 3121
Website: http://www.pillarofsalt.com.au/
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 7:30am-4:30pm, Saturday to Sunday 8:00am-5:00pm

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