Chez Dre (revisited), South Melbourne

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a revisit to any restaurant or cafe, even if I do go there a lot. I just feel like there’s generally not much more I can offer in terms of new information or photos to my readers, that is, unless if there’s a significant change to what we had or what’s on offer. Chez Dre on the other hand, I just had to re-post about since my first post only contained desserts.

Did I also mention it’s my favourite cafe in Melbourne?

We managed to organise a group outing that day so I had the chance to take photos of all the delicious dishes we had and more interior shots too. This place always makes me excited.

Who can blame me when they have such a good selection of desserts in counter? Everytime I visit, my first go to place is the dessert counter and every time, there’s something new. How they manage to pump out so many pretty and tasty desserts is beyond me, that’s what they call talent.

Anyway, enough of me blabbering about the desserts because this time we had brunch too.

I started off with my usual latte which was smooth and full-bodied, just how I remembered it.

Daz ordered a flat white with such perfect art. Really wish I can pour like that one day.

Although I didn’t get to try it but the hot chocolate looked to die for. It was too pretty to not take a photo, although it looked a little too big to fit in my belly (at least not with dessert around the corner).

Kenneth and I decided to share our meals since we both couldn’t decide what to have. It turned out to be a good decision because I got to try a bit of both dishes I wanted to order.

The first dish was the Grand Petit Dejeuner ($21.50) with poached eggs on sourdough, bacon, spicy lamb sausage, potato rosti, sauteed mushrooms, slow roasted tomato, avocado & tomato relish. It sounds like and was a very big and filling dish. I’m glad I had this to share because there was no way I could have finished it on my own.

It was a delicious dish as expected. The slight tang of the avocado and tomato relishes cut through the heaviness of the remaining dish and the potato rosti was cooked just right with a slightly crunchy outer crust. The dish probably didn’t really need the bread.

In the excitement of eating and taking photos, I realised after I dug in that I had forgotten to take my egg porn shot! Such a shame.

The second dish we had to share was the duck sandwich ($23.50) with confit pulled duck, onion jam, red cabbage, grated apple and truffle mayonnaise. I wasn’t sure whether it was because I had this dish after I had the big breakfast style Grand Petit Dejeuner or maybe because I was already quite full, but I didn’t find this dish as spectacular as it looked. Firstly I thought it was a little dry. I also couldn’t taste any truffles which is always a shame when it happens. Apart from that it was still an enjoyable dish, I really need to eat it first to give it a proper opinion next time.

The following are some of the other mains my partners in crime ordered. I didn’t get to try these (as I was seriously quite bloated) so these photos are for your eyes only.

Daz’s steak and bacon sandwich with a fried egg ($23.50). I SO SO SOOOO wanted to cut that yolk open. I should have asked and I’m kicking myself for not doing it. :(

Geoff’s baguette with house salad (half at $7.50). I couldn’t remember what type he got though.

Y’s Maroccan Baked Eggs ($18.50) with spicy lamb sausage, tahini yoghurt and baguette. This looked really yummy.

Apart from Daz’s Vanilla Millefeuille ($8.50) which was too hard to share, I did get to try a bit of all the desserts below. *happy dance*

I originally wanted the lychee, raspberry and coconut dessert but the waitress informed me that it was already sold out so I settled for the mandarin, macadamia and chocolate instead – $8.50 (chocolate biscuit, mandarin marmalade, chocolate mousse). However, at the end of the meal, we realised that the lychee dessert was restocked! I wasn’t too happy about that, although I did enjoy my chocolate substitute.

It was velvety, rich and so decadent that it was a little hard to finish by myself. For those of you who don’t know, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach when it comes to rich and very sweet desserts. It had just the right about of orange flavour which brought the whole dessert together. Yuye wouldn’t have liked this one though since he’s not a fan of orange/chocolate pairings and I always thought he was crazy for thinking that.

The other dessert that I almost got (which 2 of my friends did get – yay!) was the green tea, mango and black sesame ($8.50). It consisted of mango jelly, white chocolate creme, black sesame brulee and green tea mousse. It sounds like such a perfect dessert because I like all of these elements but it actually turned out to be a little disappointing.

Perhaps it was a little too much with 3 different flavours mixed into one. Perhaps it would have been better with just 2 elements. I found it a little hard to concentrate on any one of the flavours and it was a little consuming. I was a bit lost.

The standout dessert which I didn’t even think of getting was kenneth’s seasonal fruit tart ($8.50) which was topped with fresh figs and a whole blob of mascapone with vanilla bean. It not only looked stunning, it was totally delicious too. For one, it was light (yes, despite the mascapone on top). It tasted fresh and the pastry was crumbly and light as well and this made sure everyone agreed it was the best dessert we had that day.

Thank you for a great time once again Chez Dre. I will be back for more of your delicious desserts and meals!

Chez Dre

Phone: (03) 9690 2688
287 Coventry St (rear), South Melbourne

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  • Brendan May 11, 2013, 2:09 pm

    Love Chez Dre’ great place to take a group if you can secure a table. They regularly have new menu items, so I love going back there. The only down side I find is that the coffee is too bland for me.

  • milkteaxx May 15, 2013, 10:26 am

    ive heard so much about this place from a few melbournians cant wait to check it out when im next in melbourne!

  • Gourmetgetaways May 15, 2013, 11:41 am

    Wow! I can see why this is your favourite cafe!!! It all looks so good! And the desserts look out of this world 😉 I have the same problem with my eyes being bigger than my belly :(

  • ChopinandMysaucepan May 17, 2013, 11:56 pm

    Dear Jenny,

    Your photography of the food is beautiful. I have learnt as a guy that what you don’t ask, you won’t get. That egg yolk should have been cut open …


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