August 2012

I've been having so much laksas at Malaysian restaurants lately I've seriously lost count. Every time we go out to such restaurants, either Yuye or I (or both) use laksas as a benchmark for how good that restaurant is. The deepness of the flavours, the richness and creaminess of that soup and the toppings and Read More

Have you ever tried copy and pasting a word 20 times into Google Translate and making the AI repeat it in different languages? If you haven't, you might not want to try it as it drove me up the wall when Yuye did that a few weeks ago using the words 'Pope Joan'. I found Read More

Are there restaurants where it always becomes default if you're too lazy or just don't know where you want to eat? There's a few like that for me. One of them (probably not the best out there but is quite consistent) is Universal Restaurant on Lygon Street. It's within walking distance from a friend's place Read More

Can you believe that there's another new(ish) addition to the already jam packed Kingsway dining scene in Glen Waverley Called The Black Toro? At least this time, it's a type of cuisine that's completely different to what we're used to - Mexican/Spanish tapas. My friends tell me that whenever they visit, which is roughly once Read More