July 2012

Yuye and I met up with an old friend from high school and university the other day. He's been studying an MBA course in Singapore for a long time and we were both excited to see him come back for good. Although we hadn't spoken for a long time, most of our conversation ended up Read More

I find that persimmons is one of those fruits that people either love or hate. My mum and I both love it to bits and same with Julie, my brother's girlfriend, but my pattisiere friend Rach wouldn't touch it. Julie's parents buy boxes of persimmons every few weeks and goes through them like I would Read More

Yuye and I faced yet another day of undecidedness this week. Specifically, we weren't sure where we could go for lunch before I started my first styling class at RMIT. As we were heading into inner city, the choices exponentially increased. Then we remembered. Wasn't there a place we wanted to dine at last time Read More

There's nothing like waking up to the aromatic smell of freshly brewed and ground coffee. But since I don't have a coffee roaster in my home (nor do I even have a coffee machine), the next best thing is to have breakfast at a coffee brewer plus cafe. My friends and I dined at Coffeehead Read More

Every now and then I would reminisce about university days, I did spend a good 6 years of my life there after all. Yuye had been craving for 'sar hor fun' for quite some time and specifically the ones at Uni Square Cafe right next to the law building at the University of Melbourne. As Read More

Japanese is probably my favourite type of cuisine, although I eat and like pretty much everything since I'm such a glutton. :P There's just so many dishes that I crave for all the time like the tonkatsu I mentioned in yesterday's post, and the various sushi posts I've had in the past, even udons, sukiyaki Read More