May 2012

Glen Waverley is really turning into a hub for good food and good fun. Everyone - foodies and non-foodies alike - are flocking here to eat, have fun and buy houses. This of course is driving up property prices, making it near impossible for people like myself to afford a place, and making parking even Read More

As much as I love my brother, sometimes receiving calls from him can get a bit daunting. His calls usually mean he needs me to pick him up from somewhere, take him to somewhere or he needs some other sort of favour. Sometimes where he needs to go is quite far. Sometimes I do get Read More

I've been thinking a lot about the whole 'foodie' concept lately, and I must admit, I'm really not a very good one. The portfolio of restaurants that I've been to can't even compare to some of my 'non-foodie' friends and when people ask me whether I've been to so-and-so, my answer is usually "no, I've Read More

Mexican food has been high on the agenda lately. It kind of started with Racheese showing me her prized present from a friend who recently returned from USA - a lollipop with a worm in the middle. I wasn't too fond of the idea and neither did she, but it did get me thinking. I Read More

I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately. Not sure if it's the increasingly cold weather or I've just been eating too much. The lethargy, the back pains, the occasional insomnia is all getting to me. I'm yearning to be somewhere warm, lay on the beach and take out my summer wardrobe again. The Read More

I recently discovered a newish food blog that concentrates on breakfast joints around Melbourne, they call themselves 'Judging Your Breakfast'. I loved this idea (and their name) of just blogging about breakfasts because it has a clear focus, and because my blog is slowly turning into one of them too! I'm finding myself blogging more Read More

I've been naughty lately. To be specific, I've been spending a lot. On what? Food photography related items of course. Most food bloggers and photographers/stylists will understand the dilemma of budget vs want. When it comes to colourful spoons, vintage pots or an extra lens, it's always easier to buy first and think later. Well Read More