December 2011

Me in Shirakawago, Japan   What is your real name because I see both Jenny and Akika floating around? My real name is Jenny Ge but as I've always been envious of people with unique names so I wanted one of my own. Whether at school, work or socially, there were always many Jennys so Read More

I've found myself in Springvale a lot recently. After my last "pho" post at Pho Hoang Dakao, I've clocked up at least five separate visits for shopping/eating in the span of just a few weeks - with most grocery stores closed for the Christmas holidays, Springvale remains a reliable source of fresh meat and vegetables Read More

When I think of snow and ponies, the image of a mystical far away land covered with fluffy white snow comes to mind. There's not a soul in sight, apart from a lone pony trotting in the cold forest. On its back sits a fair skinned princess with blonde long hair, stroking the pony's hair Read More