July 2011

Don't you just hate it when things don't go your way? I certainly do. A few days ago I had to rush to get my dad, uncle and brother's visas to China. They were scheduled to leave next week but mum had forgotten all about the visas! So she filled out the forms and stuck Read More

Miyajima in the Hiroshima prefecture of Japan is a spiritual place with a handful of gorgeous shrines and temples that will impress even the hardest to please travellers. It also has a wonderful small street full of local specialties and beautiful snacks and a mountain with breathtaking views and a romantic manju making course. It's Read More

Are you a person who likes to order everything on the menu? I know I do and I do it all the time. At the conclusion of every meal when I order too much, I tell Yuye to stop me next time so I don't make the same mistake again. But you know what? It's Read More

I was sick last night with a fever. I thought maybe it was the cold weather or perhaps I was just tired. Whatever it was, it sure wasn't happy to be sick! I stayed in bed until lunch time today and thankfully, the fever had gone down. My appetite returned soon after and I was Read More