June 2011

As I've never been to France before, my idea of a beautiful traditional French restaurant in France would be fresh flowers, velvety chairs, vintage furniture, hot men with sexy French accents, a wide variety of French wines and of course, delicious French dishes that come in small but intricate portions. This description seems to fit Read More

Prahran Market is one of my favourite fresh produce markets to visit. Although not that big, it has a large variety to browse and choose from, not to mention, it houses the awesome Essential Ingredient shop. I obviously can't afford to buy a lot of the things in the store (such as fresh truffles…), but Read More

Whenever I think of alchemists I think of people in cloaks drawing weird circles on the ground, creating fire from thin air, reviving the dead and making weird and wonderful things out of whatever are lying around. The influence was, of course, from watching too much Japanese animations, especially the one called Fullmetal Alchemist where Read More

When I was a little girl, I had a dream of living in an igloo, being friends with a bunch of eskimos and go dog sledding around the snowy hills outside. But problem after problem surfaced that the kid me had to finally give up that dream. How in the world do I survive in Read More

There's something about the name 'Named For Satan' that intrigues people, at least it intrigues me. I think it's the kind of imagery that are conjured up in our sinful minds when we think of those words, and of course, the sinful cravings for something vodka and something pintxo. The tapas bar that is situated Read More

One of the happiest little surprises for me is when I see something I was already going to buy on discount. This was one of the moments when I walked into Myer, thinking I'd buy some kitchen utensils for myself while the end of financial year sale is on, and then picking up the Cheap Read More